Never Looked Better

Speakeasies have been getting all the attention lately, but there is another bygone era of bars in America that sent young people looking for a random door covered in stickers and an ominous pink glow, The Underground Rave.

The late twentieth century had its fair share of places where you walk down an alley, towards a loading dock and enter the party through the kitchen. There were bright colors, black lights, and plenty of neon. There was no craft movement, everyone was getting hammered on trashy mixed drinks like Cosmos, Long Island Iced Teas and “the blue one.”

Here at Never Looked Better we miss those times, but we wanted to bring that vibe into the modern era. We’re talking Dirty Vodka Martinis using homemade brine and fresh olives that are stuffed daily with soft blue cheese, a pink Cosmo with Old Tom gin, fresh berry juice and fresh squeezed lemon, and of course a silky Espresso Martini with premium coffee liqueur and custom cold brew.

If that’s something you’re into, you can find us at 130 Blagden Alley. It’s the door with the stickers on it and the red glow.


Tuesday-Thursday & Sunday
Ages 21+

Please no large purses, handbags, backpacks, or suitcases.